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Bf3R Symposia

The Bf3R regularly organises symposia to inform scientists and the general public about 3R-relevant topics and to promote the exchange between representatives from science, politics, industry and authorities.

Bf3R symposia held:

3Rs Research Funding Symposium, 20th  September 2019

A fundamental goal of 3Rs research funding is to promote the development and acceptance of alternative methods in order to sustainably reduce the number of laboratory animals used. Against this background, a symposium on 3Rs research funding was held at the Bf3R in Berlin on 20th September 2019 to inform interested scientists about nationwide funding opportunities and to give them the opportunity to intensively exchange information about current challenges and strategies for the development of alternative methods.

Here you can find a detailed report:

Wistorf E, Knöspel F, Schönfelder G, Schneider MR. 3R-related research funding: Insights from a meeting hosted by the German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R). ALTEX. 2020;37(2):320-323. doi: 10.14573/altex.2002201. PMID: 32242641.

Symposium Avoiding Animal Testing: Berlin - Capital of the 3Rs, 8th November 2018

 Bild von einer Podiumsdiskussion
Panel discussion at the joint symposium of the BfR and the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo): "Avoiding animal experiments: Berlin - Capital of the 3Rs", 8th November 2018 in Berlin's Red City Hall.


Limiting animal experiments to the indispensable minimum and ensuring the best possible protection for laboratory animals is the goal of the 3R concept: Replace, Reduce, Refine. The aim of this symposium was to examine all aspects of the 3Rs and discuss a strategy for their implementation in Berlin as a research location. Representatives from science, politics, industry, authorities and research funding had their say. The aim was to initiate a dialogue between the most important players in Berlin's research landscape.

The programme of the event can be viewed here (in German):



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