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Interdisciplinary training network for advancing organ on chip technology in Europe - EUROoC

Funded by: EU

Funding period: 2019 - 2022

Project website:

Information from the EU:

Aim: The main focus of this project is to provide extended training for early stage researchers at the PhD stage. In terms of content, the "early stage researcher" (ESR) is to be integrated into the existing bone-on-a-chip project of the BfR. More precisely, engineering and programming tasks are to be worked on to enable automation of the bone-on-a-chip. In a further step, this should enable the cultivation of bone organoids under defined conditions.

3R Relevance: The bone-on-a-chip will be used to image human new bone formation in the context of regeneration and embryonic development under physiological culture conditions. This should enable animal-free work in the field of basic research and developmental toxicology.



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