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News from the Bf3R

On these pages you will find current information about activities and advertisements for positions and funding opportunities at the Bf3R. We also provide information about scientific and informative events, as well as how you can take part in them.

Das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung

 Bf3R Stakeholder Forum 2023

Unused laboratory animals - surplus or necessity?

Save the Date! The BfR and the Bf3R jointly organise a stakeholder forum on the subject of unused laboratory animals.


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SAMFIRA is online!

SAMFIRA (SMArt Feature based Interactive RAnking) is a virtual search engine that allows scientists to find suitable suggestions for alternative methods to an experiment.


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Bf3R Job Advertisment

The Bf3R is looking for scientists. Please find more information in our Job advertisement here


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Bf3R Publication

A publication by the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) of the European Commission has been published with the participation of Bf3R scientists. This scientific opinion deals with animal welfare aspects in the keeping of zebrafish and passerine birds


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Communication from the National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes

In response to the current discussion on the subject of killing "surplus" laboratory animals, the National Committee recently published two legal publications. The BfR communication of May 2, 2023 contains background information and links to the two publications.


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Announcement of the 42nd Research Award for Animal Welfare of the BMEL

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) has announced the 42nd research award for the promotion of methodical work with the aim of restriction and the replacement of animal experiments. Until May 31, 2023, primarily young scientists can apply for this award with their projects at the BMEL.


Eine Maus

"Reporting registers" for animal studies help science - and animal welfare

Registers for animal studies are one way to assure and improve both scientific quality and animal welfare. Planned animal experiments can be entered in these directories including basic information about the protocols and experimental procedures that will be applied.


Eine Ratte

Protection of laboratory animals: The point of view of the animals should be considered with regard to their housing conditions in the laboratory

In order to reduce pain, suffering, or stress in laboratory animals, various measures are being researched at the German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R) at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).



BfR Stakeholder Forum 2023


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