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Research at the Bf3R

The German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R) has been increasingly basing its work on its own research since its foundation in 2015.

The research of the Bf3R focuses on the following three sub-areas of the 3R Principle:

  • Replace: Development of new alternative methods to animal experiments
    In its own laboratories, the Bf3R develops cell, tissue culture and in vivo alternative model-based methods to replace animal experiments. These methods in particular should be advanced with the help of modern imaging techniques at ultrastructure level. The aim is to lay the foundations for the development of new alternative methods to animal experiments for both basic research and toxicological assessment.
  • Reduce: Development of methods to reduce the number of laboratory animals
    In addition to experimental research, the use and number of animal experiments is assessed using new biometric approaches in order to develop new proposals for reducing the number of laboratory animals.
  • Refine: Research into methods of reducing pain or suffering in laboratory animals
    The Bf3R researches measures to reduce stress in all laboratory animal species and determines objective criteria for stress assessment.


More information to follow. The English language page is still under construction.



Date Title Size
BfR Communication No. 003/2022
Protection of laboratory animals: The point of view of the animals should be considered with regard to their housing conditions in the laboratory 47.2 KB



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