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Software for the Analysis of Imaging Data

For the development of alternative methods to animal experiments, imaging techniques, such as high throughput microscopy, are commonly applied. Due to the high amount of experimentally generated imaging data, the analysis by hand is no longer practical. For this reason, automated solutions are needed that can process large amounts of data and deliver reliable results.

MIA – Microscopic Image Analyzer

 Microscopic Image Analyzer

User interface of the MIA-software showing an image of a nematode (C. elegans) with corresponding detection in green.

A software for the analysis of microscopic image data using machine learning was developed at Bf3R. The software can be trained by the user to identify certain objects in images by showing examples of objects to be identified. The trained model can then be used to evaluate experimental data. To support the development of alternative methods in the scientific community and to strengthen the automated analysis of image data, the software is provided as an open source solution.

Further reading:

Koerber, Nils. "MIA: An Open Source Standalone Deep Learning Application for Microscopic Image Analysis." bioRxiv (2022),



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