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Summer School on Open Research and Ethics in Life Sciences

Funding by: Joachim Herz Foundation

Aim: The Bf3R together with the BIH QUEST organizes a summer school for scientists at the beginning of their career from different fields of life sciences. With this summer school we would like to inform about the potential of open research for one's own science, for the quality of research and for animal welfare. In this way, we would like to contribute to triggering a new scientific culture in a sustainable way.

3R Relevance: Recent studies indicate that a significant proportion of results derived from animal experiments are never published. In particular, so-called negative results, that is, study results in which treatments showed no effect on the test animals, are often not published. This can lead to the unnecessary repetition of animal experiments. Raising awareness among young scientists for open research, in which all obtained data are shared transparently, can contribute to a reduction of animal experiments in the long term.



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