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Bf3R - The German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals

The BfR performs the role of the “German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)” and coordinates nationwide activities with the goals of:
  • Reducing animal experiments to the necessary minimum and
  • Ensuring the best possible protection for laboratory animals.

To this end, the Centre’s work intends to stimulate research activities around the world and to promote scientific dialogue.


Das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung


Communication of the German National Committee

The EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL-ECVAM) has issued a new recommendation on non-animal-derived antibodies..


Das Bf3R-Logo

SAMFIRA is online!

SAMFIRA (SMArt Feature based Interactive RAnking) is a virtual search engine that allows scientists to find suitable suggestions for alternative methods to an experiment.


Eine Ratte

Protection of laboratory animals: The point of view of the animals should be considered with regard to their housing conditions in the laboratory

In order to reduce pain, suffering, or stress in laboratory animals, various measures are being researched at the German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R) at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).


BfR Stakeholder Forum 2023

Initiative Transparente Tierversuche

German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R) - Mission and Goals

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